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  1. Jim Jackson says:

    Send a floor plan or room layout. What are the real estate taxes?, and how old is the house?, is it on well and septic?, how long has it been on the market?, who was the builder? how much of the 4.7 acres is useable?

    1. Allison Cassity says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. I don’t have a floor plan handy but will ask the owner about obtaining one. The current owner is also the builder and the home was built in 2005. Yes, it is on well and septic. The property was on market for 6 months then off for the winter and just recently put back on the market about 3 weeks ago. I would say all the property is level and usable. I hope this helps to answer some of your questions and I will get back with you on a floor plan.
      Kindest Regards,
      Allison Cassity

      [email protected]

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